Monetizing digital experience to drive future profitability

October 2015 – Success in the digital world will depend on having a vision, but it will require the right enabling infrastructure to deliver against new relationships, business models and opportunities. What is takes to survive in this era of digitization and monetization..

Achieving customer satisfaction in a converged world

October 2015 – Business could save themselves a lot of trouble and money by concentrating on what makes the customers happy and satisfied and quite simply that is giving them what they expect in the first place. With convergence it is a lot more interesting..

Can Business really deliver true customer insight?

October 2015 – Achieving customer insight provides organizations with a clear map on what the next profitable step should be in addressing modern customer needs. It also creates customer centric outcomes and improves the overall customer experience…

Product Innovation – Hygiene, differentiator or both?

October 2015 – Win your customer with products and services that matters. In the digitized economy it is imperative that one enterprise differentiates from the rest. One of the most effective way is to innovate your offering from the rivals…

Partnerships can significantly improve CSP value proposition in the digital economy landscape

October 2015 – Partnerships will play a crucial role in enhancing the value of CSP offerings in the digital economy landscape. It can increase data revenues, improve loyalty and open up new revenue streams. Partnerships can be the difference between success and failure…

Customer Experience: Impact on technology

October 2015 – Although customer relationships becoming more personal and customer trends becoming more generalized, very few banks are ready to take on these challenges to get a good view of their customers. In practice, for customer insight to be useful the data must be real-time and holistic, and it must be operationally actionable and predictable.

Digital Transformation: A necessary evil or just evil

October 2015 – Businesses today do not have a choice but to ensure they offer improved digital experiences to customers.These new digital experiences are challenging for traditional businesses like banks and telecoms service providers to implement due to technical limitations. New technology has driven disruption and traditional industries have no choice but to find ways to adapt to customer trends and demands.

The cognitive economy is driving innovation & disruption in banking

October 2015 – “Social media has become a part of every business’s DNA. With 2 billion people connected to the Internet, Social Business is quickly becoming the primary means for communication and collaboration. Social has impacted banking, just as in other industries. But banking brings a unique set of challenges to the table, such as regulations and bleeding edge technology leadership”

Achieving high value customer experience transformation and rapid regulatory compliance without breaking the bank

October 2015 – “With 45,000 FinTech players globally spending 100% of their budget on transforming experience, banks need to really step up here to survive. The tension is building between creating great new customer experiences versus spending to make sure the bank stays legally compliant”

The dawn of the digital service provider: Transforming from CSPs to DSPs

October 2015 – High-speed broadband networks, coupled with high-performance computers, are proving to be a potent combination. As they become very fast and responsive, telecoms networks will soon be enabling everything from highly…

Dynamic segmentation: Bringing the digital age to corporate banking

October 2015 – Today’s rush to develop real-time customer-centric mobile channels mesmerizes retail banks’ boards. Customer expectations across retail, corporate, and investment business lines already far surpass what banks can consistently provide.

Client Interview: Vakifbank

October 2015 – Vakif bank one of the largest and innovative banks in Turkey highlights on their strategic initiatives and goals, the challenges they face and how Xelerate has enabled them to be one of the most innovative banks…

Managing the life cycle of digital products through product catalogue

October 2015 – “The product experience is both a key element of business success and an essential component of an excellent customer experience. If a company doesn’t have a product the customer wants, then they’re unlikely to want to do business with them. Of course, customers need is evolving rapidly as their expectations rise.”