Bank, telco or app? Why customers don’t care

September 2016 – Advances in Banking and Telecommunications over the last century has brought banking freedom and economic mobility of billions of people all around the world. Although these sectors have traditionally worked for separate aims, the digital revolution has made it more important than ever to learn from each other, as customers demand new services fit for their needs.

Innovation Centres – Should every bank have one?

September 2016 – The financial sector is alive with innovative products like instant, low-cost international money transfers, smartphone and app-based payments systems . The bad news for traditional banks is that many of these innovative products and services are being delivered by disruptive challengers rather than the traditional providers of financial products.

Banks must change with the times, or risk being disrupted

September 2016 – Financial technology (fintech) is creating a new class of financial services companies which are challenging old models. Conventional banks are faced with a choice: transform, or become less relevant to customers.

Platform Agility key to enabling effective customer engagement

September 2016 – Many customers today demand online, real time interactions besides complete control over how they engage with their service provider. All customer touch-points and support systems within CSPs are therefore under increased scrutiny in order to remove friction and complexity and improve agility and customer experience.

Smart cities and the user experience

September 2016 – Service providers of all types and in all industries should be putting the customer experience front and centre of their smart city projects and asking how they can welcome the customer into the “Internet of Everything”.

Want to react faster? Preditive Analytics is the answer

September 2016 – To seek a new growth agenda, banks have to improve the customer experience by leveraging the power of their data using advanced predictive analytics tools to help build better relationships.

Polyglot data management: Enabling Market Agility

September 2016 – New channels, be it social media or smartphones, allow consumers to voice displeasure or satisfaction and make it visible to their service provider immediately. Feedback, good or bad, creates a lot of data which could be useful to the organisations’ data analysts.

How to win and keep customers in the digital world?

September 2016 – The banking landscape is changing – drastically and rapidly – with new entrants offering no-nonsense, straightforward products and services, and established players pouring money into projects to improve their offerings. And it is all, finally, about the customer.

Keeping Customers loyal in a rapidly changing market

September 2016 – Low interest rates, soft demand, and flat non-interest income are resulting in anemic revenue growth and greater margin compression across the banking industry. Adding to these pressures, banks also face changing customer demands and increasing market competition from non-bank entrants.

Smart Metering: Getting up- close and personal with your customers

September 2016 – As smart metering moves beyond pilots into real world, large-scale deployments and a wide range of challenges and opportunities are surfacing. We look at what these are and why by putting the customer at the heart of smart meter strategies, utilities can maximise the value of their investment.

Dealing with changing market needs with faster ad real- time personalized offers

September 2016 – The global Financial Services industry is in a state of flux, reacting to consumers who are not happy at how they are being served. Personalization needs to happen quickly for digital natives who express their individuality through clothes, music and the video streaming services they use. Soon they will be the dominant wealth accumulation segment.

Be Agile, Be Smart

September 2016 – Given the increased competition from nimble, technology-native FinTech upstarts and decreasing profit margins, banks are trying and need to stay ahead of one another. Customers have the power now, but for the established banks, it is a real challenge to stay ahead of new competitors.

Digital Banking: Bank on bank’s agility

September 2016 – It’s not just the products that can get to the market more swiftly but the banks themselves. The time to look into technology that can make your bank super-agile is now. If you don’t, those challenger banks could well end up on your organization’s epitaph.

Client Interview: Maybank Singapore

September 2016 – Maybank is among Asia’s leading banking groups and South East Asia’s fourth largest bank by assets. The Maybank Group has an international network of 2,400 offices in 20 countries, with over 46,000 employees serving more than 22 million customers worldwide.

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