Young Bank

Can you become a “young” bank

June 2017 – The traditional banking institutions have been established for centuries. There is now a new breed of ‘young’ companies which are trying to get involved by supplying a customer focused mentality, moving away from the product focused mentality of their predecessors. Perhaps “young” isn’t the right word.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Will be Personal – part 2

June 2017 – This is the second article in our series on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this article we will be focusing on how Machine Learning will change businesses, increasing efficiency and the speed at which customers expect to receive services via a business digital platforms….

Banking on the API economy

June 2017 – Banks have to try harder. To be fair, they didn’t have to before 2008. Then came the Global Financial Crisis, causing the break-up of the Big Banks, and followed swiftly by the rise of agile Challenger Banks feasting on the consumer distrust. Banks realised they have to move fast to catch up to match customer experiences…

4.0 Industry Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Will be Personal

May 2017 – This is the first article in a three part series discussing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, how Machine Learning and humans can create a way to navigate through this revolution and what it means for banks. The first article will focus on how the Fourth…

Delivering extreme customer experience in the Fake Data era

May 2017 – Customers demand better. Not a day goes by without a news headline which suggests consumers are getting a very bad deal from service providers. Poor servicing is compounded by the growth of false data appearing online, some human generated…

Client Interview: Maritime Bank, Vietnam

May 2017 – Maritime Joint Stock Commercial Bank (MSB) is recognized as one of Vietnam’s most innovative banks with a daring business strategy. Founded in 1991, the company has experienced major growth and development, particularly following its merger in 2015…

How organisations can make IoT and digital profitable

Feb 2017 – Peter Lewis coined the term “Internet of Things” (IoT) in 1985 to describe how a ubiquitous network of sensors connected to the Internet can deliver information about the physical world directly to enterprise systems without human intervention.

Re-Defining the Digital Blueprint with Industry

Feb 2017 – Beep Beep Beep… There goes my car reminding me about the closest petrol pump at the next exit to make sure I tank up before I run out of gas. How? The car sensors have scanned my navigation map and alerted me to fuel up to make it to my destination on time…

The five things to look for in digital enablement software

Feb 2017 – Over 3 billion people now have access to the internet, this is likely to increase dramatically over the next few years thanks to cheaper hardware, software and better internet access. Clearly, organisations need to keep up and stay in touch with their customers…