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Convergence of Industries

Convergence of industries in the digital world- what should banks next move be? (part -1)

Convergence of industries brings a tectonic shift. When one of the major industrial convergence started its genesis, Google was not yet born. The postal industry and the IT industry started to converge…

Industry 4.0 - An Interconnected Global Value Chain

Industry 4.0 – An Interconnected Global Value Chain

From mechanization and steam engines in 1700s, to electricity and mass production at the beginning of the 20th century, to computers post WWII, industrial revolutions have defined eras in our history. It is synonymous with how people’s lives changed for…


Leading enabler of digital transformation – SunTec Business Solutions

At SunTec (www.suntecgroup.com), we work closely with enterprises across Financial Services, Digital Communication Services (DCS), & Travel in creating differentiated customer experience and to realize value for their stakeholders within the marketspace.


10 things to look for in an ideal pricing and revenue management solution

In a tough business climate of ever-evolving challenges, increasing customer value is key not only to growth, but to survival. For financial services firms, greater customer-centricity means creating innovative products and pricing strategies, capturing…

Customer-Centricity: Delivering innovative solutions centered on customer journeys

Innovative solutions centered on customer journeys the changing customer landscape challenges banks to refine their offerings around each customer with a high level of granularity, whilst transforming customer experience. But information silo…

Static Customer Segmentation – a thing of the past!

The BANK OF THE FUTURE will be all about the customer. Gone are the days when banks could create standard one-size-fits-all products and offers and expect the customer to subscribe to it. Customers’ expectations from their banks have moved from…

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